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Representation in Landlord and Tenant Matters

Amorys Solicitors LLP is a trusted representative for commercial clients, offering expertise in Landlord and Tenant matters. Our services include interpretation and enforcement of payment of rent clauses, insurance, rates, repair clauses, and break clauses.

Our Expertise in Commercial Property Law

Our comprehensive legal services in commercial property law encompass various aspects, including but not limited to:

Sale and Purchase of Business Premises

We specialize in handling the sale and purchase of business premises, ranging from shops and restaurants to industrial units, ensuring smooth and successful transactions.

Commercial Property Lawyers Services in Dublin, Ireland - Commercial Building Beacon Court Interior

Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Agreements

Our team excels in drafting, negotiating, and agreeing on the terms of commercial leases, business sale agreements, and transfers, ensuring clarity and legal compliance.

Legal Documentation for Auctions

We provide legal support in preparing documentation for the sale of commercial property at auctions, facilitating transparent and efficient processes.

Secured Lending for Commercial Property Acquisition

Amorys Solicitors LLP offers legal advice and assistance on secured lending for the acquisition of commercial property, ensuring a secure and compliant financing process.

Commercial Property Lawyers Services in Dublin, Ireland - Commercial Building Beacon Court Exterior

Planning Permission and Building Control

Our team advises on the application of planning permission and building control legislation to developments and works, providing clarity and compliance assurance.

Title Issues and State Property Act 1954

We specialize in rectifying complicated title issues, especially in circumstances where property vests in the State under the State Property Act 1954.

Multi-Unit Developments

Amorys Solicitors LLP advises developers and management companies on their respective obligations in relation to multi-unit development as defined in the Multi-Unit Development Act 2011.

Licensing and Franchising Issues

We offer advice and assistance in relation to licensing and/or franchising issues arising on the sale or transfer of commercial property, including hotels and restaurants. Our legal expertise ensures a smooth process for clients.

Commercial Pension Funds

Amorys Solicitors LLP provides legal advice and assistance to commercial pension funds on the acquisition of commercial property, offering comprehensive support throughout the process.

Land Assembly and Disposal

Our team specializes in the assembly of land for development purposes and the subsequent disposal of plots on the developed land, ensuring strategic planning and legal compliance.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

We represent commercial property owners in Landlord and Tenant disputes, offering legal expertise to resolve issues and protect the interests of our clients.

Termination and Renewal of Commercial Leases

Amorys Solicitors LLP provides legal assistance in relation to the termination and renewal of commercial leases, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and protecting the rights of clients.

Construction Disputes

In construction disputes, our experienced team provides representation to resolve legal matters efficiently, ensuring a fair and lawful resolution for all parties involved.

Social Housing Initiatives

Our firm advises developers and property owners on social housing initiatives, providing legal insights and assistance to navigate the complexities of such initiatives.
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Brian supported me through the process of buying my first home. He was excellent! Very responsive throughout the whole process, and proactive in ensuring the sale proceeded quickly. Support was provided every step of the way and everything clearly explained. The whole process ran smoother because of the excellent client care they provided which was always above and beyond. Highly recommend Amory’s for their quality service.

Amorys Solicitors 5 Stars Customer Rating
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Ailish McGarrityHappy Customer

Just Bought a house using Amorys Solicitors. Wendy looked after us throughout the process. It was seamless from start to finish. Wendy was attentive, friendly and quick to respond to all our queries. If you are buying a new house these are who you want to go with. Highly recommend.

Amorys Solicitors 5 Stars Customer Rating
Amorys Solicitors Customer Testimonials on Google

Shane BurkeHappy Customer

Amorys Solicitors was the best choice that I could make when I start my house hunting. Very responsive and gave me all the attention that I needed on this stressful situation which is buy an house in Ireland. Thanks Wendy and team for all the good services.

Amorys Solicitors 5 Stars Customer Rating
Amorys Solicitors Customer Testimonials on Google

Igor LaguardiaHappy Customer

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