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From Concept to Completion:

Strategic Legal Support for Seamless Property Development

Strategic Legal Support for Large-Scale Developments

With over 30 years of experience, Amorys Solicitors LLP has been a trusted representative for local government, private companies, and property developers in expansive commercial and residential developments throughout Ireland. Our team understands the nuanced commercial goals of property developers, offering strategic legal support to navigate the complexities of large-scale projects.

Comprehensive Transaction Facilitation

At Amorys, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients, fostering expeditious and seamless property development transactions. Our commitment lies in maintaining meticulous attention to detail while delivering a high-quality service. From concept to completion, we facilitate the legal aspects of property development with a practical and proactive approach.

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Legal Support for Seamless Property Development by Property Lawyers in Dublin, Ireland

Addressing Title Issues with Expertise

Amorys Solicitors LLP assists clients in rectifying title issues, a crucial step in the property development process. Our team employs a meticulous approach to identify and resolve title-related complexities, ensuring a solid legal foundation for the development project.

Precision in Legal Documentation Preparation

Amorys Solicitors LLP ensures the meticulous preparation of legal documentation, a vital component of the property development process. From contracts to agreements, our team works diligently to draft and review legal documents, providing clarity and legal strength to all aspects of the development transaction.

Navigating Planning and Building Control Legislation

We provide invaluable guidance on planning permission and building control legislation, helping clients navigate the regulatory landscape seamlessly. Amorys Solicitors LLP ensures that developers are well-informed and compliant, contributing to the success of their projects while minimizing legal hurdles.

Holistic Advisory on Zoning, Development Contributions, and Taxation

Our services extend beyond the basics, offering comprehensive advice on zoning, development contributions, and taxation, including Residential Zoned Land Tax. Amorys Solicitors LLP advises on the financial aspects of property development, ensuring that developers are well-versed in their obligations and can make informed decisions to optimize their projects.

Expert Guidance on Multi-Unit Developments

Navigating the complexities of multi-unit developments under the Multi-Unit Development Act 2011 demands specialized expertise. Amorys Solicitors LLP advises developers on their legal obligations, offering comprehensive guidance to ensure compliance with the regulatory framework and successful execution of multi-unit projects.

Strategic Land Assembly and Plot Disposal

Our team excels in the strategic assembly of land for development purposes, guiding clients through the intricacies of the process. Additionally, we facilitate the subsequent disposal of plots on the developed land, ensuring a seamless transition from acquisition to sale. Amorys Solicitors LLP employs a strategic approach to maximize the value of developed land for our clients.

Social Housing Initiatives Consultation

Amorys Solicitors LLP provides expert advice to developers and property owners on Social Housing Initiatives. Our team guides clients through the legal intricacies of participating in social housing projects, offering valuable insights into regulations, compliance, and the legal framework. We are committed to assisting clients in contributing to social housing initiatives while navigating legal considerations effectively.
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Client Success Stories

Explore the Experiences of Clients Who Found Success with Our Property Legal Services

Amorys Solicitors was the best choice that I could make when I start my house hunting. Very responsive and gave me all the attention that I needed on this stressful situation which is buy an house in Ireland. Thanks Wendy and team for all the good services.

Amorys Solicitors 5 Stars Customer Rating
Amorys Solicitors Customer Testimonials on Google

Igor LaguardiaHappy Customer

Brian supported me through the process of buying my first home. He was excellent! Very responsive throughout the whole process, and proactive in ensuring the sale proceeded quickly. Support was provided every step of the way and everything clearly explained. The whole process ran smoother because of the excellent client care they provided which was always above and beyond. Highly recommend Amory’s for their quality service.

Amorys Solicitors 5 Stars Customer Rating
Amorys Solicitors Customer Testimonials on Google

Ailish McGarrityHappy Customer

This is the second time we work with Wendy on property purchase. We are very impressed by her profession few year ago, and decided to come back to her again, the legal service she provided is as excellent as before, she is willing to answer all our questions and tried very hard on the last minute requests, sending feedback asap. The sale process is very smooth and no doubt we would recommend her name to all our friends and family members.

Amorys Solicitors 5 Stars Customer Rating
Amorys Solicitors Customer Testimonials on Google

LingHappy Customer

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