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Getting to Know Amorys: Your Residential Property Partners

Amorys Solicitors LLP have a large residential conveyancing department and have been providing residential property services to our clients in Sandyford, Dublin and nationwide for in excess of 30 years. We provide legal advice on all aspects of a residential conveyancing transaction from the moment the heads of terms are received from the selling agent to post-completion registration in the Property Registration Authority of Ireland. Buying your home is for most people the biggest financial undertaking they will ever undertake. At Amorys Solicitors LLP we undertake the scale of the transaction and this in reflected in our tailored, on-point legal advice that takes the stress out of the transaction. We have built a significant knowledge base across thousands of conveyancing transaction. Our experience helps us to ensure a smooth transaction and first-class legal service is provided.

Our Expertise in Residential Property Law

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of legal services related to residential property law, including but not limited to:

Sale and Purchase of Residential Properties

Handling the sale and purchase of residential property is a core aspect of our services. We navigate the complexities to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Residential Property Lawyers Services in Dublin, Ireland - Young Family Purchasing a House

Legal Documentation

We specialize in preparing meticulous legal documentation for the sale of residential property, ensuring all aspects are covered with precision.

Compliance and Regulations

Advising property owners on compliance with planning legislation and building regulations is a vital service we offer to safeguard our clients’ interests.


Our expertise extends to advising property owners on refinancing, liaising with financial institutions, and facilitating the drawdown of loans.

Tax Planning

Families seeking advice on the restructuring of residential property for tax planning purposes can rely on our knowledgeable team for strategic guidance.

Residential Property Lawyers Services in Dublin, Ireland - Happy First Time Homeowners

Sale and Purchase of Land

We provide comprehensive advice to both sellers and buyers of land, covering all aspects of the sale and purchase, including valuable insights on wayleaves and easements.

The Conveyancing Process In A Nutshell

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, this concise overview offers valuable insights, ensuring you navigate the conveyancing landscape with confidence and clarity. For more detailed information or specific inquiries, please contact us.

Agreement Reached

The journey begins as the vendor and purchaser come to a mutual agreement on the property transaction.

Drafting the Contract

The vendor’s solicitor takes the initiative to draft the Contract of Sale, a pivotal document that captures the terms of the agreement. This document is then sent to the purchaser’s solicitor for review.

Title Deeds and Planning Search

The purchaser’s solicitor meticulously examines the title deeds, addressing any concerns by raising queries with the vendor’s solicitor. Simultaneously, a comprehensive planning search is conducted on the property to ensure legal compliance.

Undertaking to Lender

The purchaser’s solicitor provides an undertaking to the lender, assuring that funds will only be released once a “good marketable title” is established, adding an extra layer of security to the transaction.

Contract Signing

Both parties commit to the transaction by signing the Contract of Sale. At this juncture, legal obligations are activated, and the purchaser’s deposit becomes non-refundable.

Drawing Down Funds

Funds are then drawn down from the lender, paving the way for the next steps in the conveyancing process.

Closing Searches

The purchaser’s solicitor conducts thorough closing searches to ensure that there are no outstanding issues that may hinder the completion of the transaction.

Exchange of Title Documents and Funds

At this critical stage, title documents and funds are exchanged between the parties. Following this exchange, the keys to the property may be released to the purchaser.

Stamping the Purchase Deed and Registration

The purchase deed is stamped, marking its legal validity. Subsequently, it is submitted to the Property Registration Authority of Ireland, initiating the formal registration of the Title in the name of the purchaser.
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Client Success Stories

Explore the Experiences of Clients Who Found Success with Our Property Legal Services

We recently worked with Amorys, specifically Wendy, on the purchase of our first house. Wendy was fantastic to work with, she is clearly very knowledgeable about the conveyancing process and her communication skills are superb. She answered all of our questions, of which we had many, promptly and in great detail. She was reassuring, professional and extremely competent; we closed the sale on time with no delays. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Wendy and Amorys Solicitors.

Amorys Solicitors 5 Stars Customer Rating
Amorys Solicitors Customer Testimonials on Google

Jean Kent – SuttonHappy Customer

Very positive conveyancing experience with Wendy from Amorys Solicitors who managed the back-to-back sale and purchase of our old and new homes. Wendy was clear and transparent throughout, and we especially appreciated the detailed up-front fee quote that set the tone and gave us confidence before we even formally instructed. At all times Wendy was responsive and worked very diligently to ensure we closed in a timely and efficient manner whilst also managing our expectations. Wendy delivered upon everything that was agreed and we are happy to recommend Amorys Solicitors, and in particular Wendy, who managed the end-to-end process for us so well. Thanks, Rónán & Aoife.

Amorys Solicitors 5 Stars Customer Rating
Amorys Solicitors Customer Testimonials on Google

Ronan DonovanHappy Customer

We used Amorys recently when selling our property and we were dealing with Wendy Scales, she was excellent and we would whole heartedly recommend her.
We were given a breakdown of the costs, which were very competitive, at the outset so knew exactly what we would be paying without any “add ons” at the end.
She was in constant communication throughout the process and always responded to a call/email promptly. She even took time out of her annual leave to help with closing the sale on time for us.
Apart from the business side she was also a pleasure to deal with and we will be availing of her services again. Once again, we can’t recommend her enough!

Amorys Solicitors 5 Stars Customer Rating
Amorys Solicitors Customer Testimonials on Google

Dave CaffreyHappy Customer

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